Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The baby shower went awesomely! :) I have an amazing husband and all his N. Guard buddies and wives showed up! Then of course Nana and Grandma came too!  :) Definitely blessed to be able to see who really will be there for us! I cannot wait to meet this little boy! I am blown away by how quickly this pregnancy has went! Glad to be home though! WAY too much traveling the past few weeks. G and I are exhausted but glad to be home with Husband!! <3

Today's inspiration!

Also the hubby and I have started devotionals for our marriage! I'd like to share the experience week by week! I am doing The Respect Dare and he is doing The Love Dare! Prayers for us! We are working on a marriage based more on biblical principles and less on worldly principles! God bless and goodnight!

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