Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So I got the living room painted! All that's left in there are curtains and a rug as well as mounting the television on the wall. So soon we will have on whole room done! We're going finish painting the baby's room tomorrow hopefully!! (: Things are going much better here. I'm less stressed I don't know if I've finally learned to handle it better or if the toddler's behavior is improving possibly both. I just know it's been going much better!!! One of the many wonderful GOD given blessings going on for us right now! Also making so friends here at home finally. Which is making this place feel like home. definitely felt awkwardly out of place until recently. Now if only work would take off I'd finally have everything in order that I wanted to get in order before the end of the year! Prayers for me please!

Oh yeah! Baby shower next Saturday. It's all starting to sink in. 29 weeks! Wow. Sooo close but it seems so far away still!

REMEMBER!!! ^^^^^^^^

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