Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My journey with Daddy.

I though I would do a little post on motivational verses and pictures and such just because I've been greatly blessed and motivated here lately and I've just wanted to share that joy. However, technology had a different idea and my computer is just acting all kinds of crazy.  Hopefully it will be up and running nice and healthy here soon and I can make said post. <3 Sorries loves.

Anyways. I am attacking this crumby attitude full on standing strong with Daddy GOD. He's so good! :)  My foot is down and I'm declaring freedom from the bad attitude that has been holding me back for so long and today I have just felt joy and peace! It's so much better than stress, stress, stress!! Praise the LORD for he is good. I'm standing strong! keep me in your prayers. I'm learning how to face a VERY headstrong 2 year old while ibeing extremely hormonal in my 6th month of pregnancy! Thank you. God bless and goodnight.

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